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Client Testimonials

"If you are looking for a real estate professional that will exceed any and all of your wants and needs, Mike is the Realtor for you. My wife and I recently transferred into the area from Phoenix and we were recommended by an associate to Mike Gupton. We needed to find a home quickly and only had a two day window for a house hunting trip.

Mike cleared his schedule to spend an entire day looking at homes. We were able to quickly decide on a home and then Mike really went to work to get us the best deal from the seller. When it was all said and done, we ended up closing at 81% of the original asking price. This was due to Mike's excellent and professional negotiation skills.

Most Realtor's would have stopped there, but not Mike. The house we were purchasing needed some repairs before we moved in. I was still in Arizona, so Mike took it upon himself to line up the contractor and get the work done before we arrived. In addition to this, he even negotiated with the contractor for a lower price on the repairs. He is amazing and will do everything in his power to make one of the largest purchases in your life a seamless and stress reduced process.

My wife and I are planning on purchasing several more homes in the years to come, and only one person will be getting our call...Mike Gupton!" —Jason Donahey, 2/17/2015

"We contacted Mike on a property that he had listed on Zillow. Sadly that property had already been sold. However, Mike found several other properties that met our criteria. He spent a couple days showing us the options available in the area. Mike was with us every step of the way, including sending reminders of duties that needed to be met during the closing process. I highly recommend Mike Gupton if you are looking in the Lake Gaston area for either land or a house." —Michael & Teresa Soyka, 9/18/2014

"We wanted to buy some vacant land and met Mike and chose him as our buyer's agent. We found a property that we liked and he negotiated a price much better than we thought was possible! Mike is the man!" —Rudy Ficken, 9/15/2014

"Mike went above and beyond to help us find the perfect house! He was always professional, on time, and honest. He made our buying experience a very positive one and was very knowledgeable of the area and surrounding homes. Highly Recommend!!!" —Ginger Hamrick, 4/30/2014

"Great Agent! Mike is very professional, always answers calls and goes above and beyond expectations. Mike helped us through the process of buying a second home. We were able to close in 30 days. Mike handled everything with the inspections and scheduling of the pre-Closing work that needed to be done. We had a great experience with Mike and would definitely recommend him." —Jeanette Walker, 4/30/2014

"Mike was a textbook broker. He does not hassle. He negotiates very well and he is honest. Mike made sure all the bases were covered and made the buying experience much less stressful. I would recommend him to anyone purchasing a house!" —Mike Stone, 4/25/2014

"Mike is an excellent agent. He guided me through the buying process from start to finish. We were buying a vacation home in an area that we didn't really know all that well. Mike's knowledge of the local culture, rules/regulation, and real estate market let us to a wonderful neighborhood and a beautiful home. He is also an excellent negotiator and got us the house for well below the asking price. During the buying process, Mike did lots of extra things for us (since we did not live in the area) and never gave us the impression that it was not supposed to be part of his job. Some of the extras he did for us include dealing with our inspectors, helping with bids for contractors (which included flooring, roofing, general contractors, cleaning service, and lawn care service), and helping us to furnish the house. Even after closing, he went way beyond what an agent needs to do to help us get settled in. I would highly recommend Mike Gupton. After closing, even the sellers said "We wish we used Mike instead to list our house." That speaks volume when the seller wished they'd used the buyer's agent." —Bruce Cao, 3/20/2014

"Awesome Broker! We came from out of state for the weekend to buy a house at Lake Gaston and had chosen several houses to look at and ended up buying a house in 24 hours! We bought a house that Mike had "picked" out for us to see! Mike knows the Lake like the back of his hand! We also wanted a realtor who could show us property on Lake Gaston in both VA and NC and of course to do that you need a license in both states, very few realtors have both VA and NC! So make sure you get to see everything on Lake Gaston!! Mike handled all the details and was in constant contact and took care of everything, we pretty much just showed up for closing! He's AWESOME!!" —Robert Hodges, 3/7/2014

"I am a retired real estate agent and set a very high bar for anyone I worked with when it comes to buying or selling a home. Mike had no problem meeting that bar. I worked with Mike to purchase a summer home on Lake Gaston. He was very professional, very knowledgeable about the area. I would not hesitate to recommend Mike." —Phyllis Giordano, 2/28/2014

"Mike has as excellent knowledge of the surrounding area, property valuations, and market trends. Listen to what he says, follow his advice, manage your own expectations and you will be pleased with the results." —Michael Donoghue, 10/31/2013

"I would state without hesitation that Mike is not only the best realtor that I have dealt with, but is also one of the most friendly and genuine people that I have had the pleasure of knowing. His helpfulness was beyond the lengths that I would expect anyone to go. I was living 2 hours away from the house that my wife and I were buying and that caused some difficulties at times when we needed to be in both places at the same time. Mike was always willing to do whatever he could do to help us out including meeting with people at the new house when we couldn't be there. He suggested the lawyers which were great and he directed me to electricians and landscaping companies etc. One of the best things is that Mike has always made himself available.....even after the sale was complete. We had a great experience buying our house in a process that is often very trying. Mike made it all happen." —Ken Roth, 10/24/2013

"I am an active REALTOR® in Chapel Hill, so initially I planned to handle my own transaction. At first I connected with Mike for one of his listings and asked if he would be willing to find listings for us and I would pay him a referral fee. I quickly realized that his knowledge of the lake and local contacts was invaluable and opted to let him be our Buyer's agent and I took the back seat. Mike was a fantastic agent who made process not only hassle-free, but also enjoyable. Our transaction involved negotiating for a lot of things that were not originally on the table or offered by the sellers and Mike was a great navigator through the somewhat tricky process. Without a doubt, I will refer anyone looking to buy at Lake Gaston to Mike!" —Jay Walden, 10/3/2013

"I won't miss out on saying how terrific Mike is. He is always such a professional and just a terrific person. When we first started looked at Lake Gaston 6 years ago, we pulled into your office and he happened to be there - very lucky!" —Jennifer Brown, 8/28/2013

"I wanted to thank you for helping my brothers and I purchase the lake house a few weeks ago. I'm sure it wasn't easy to manage so many people in a transaction, but everything went off without a hitch. Not knowing a thing about Lake Gaston when we started this process, your expertise about neighborhoods, best practices for having a vacation home at the lake, and about the lake itself was invaluable. Being a seasoned real estate agent myself, I have high expectations for service and you exceeded every one." —Brian Hourigan, 11/30/2012

"Thank you for all you did for James and myself in selling our home at Lake Gaston. You had our home under contract within two weeks of putting it on the market. We know that because you advised us as a friend, not just a realtor, the sale went beautifully. Taking the time to keep us informed, without us even having to call you, means a lot. It was not easy for us to decide to sell our home at Lake Gaston. However, you made the sell so easy and comfortable for us and words cannot express how much that means to us. Through the whole selling process you were there for us and made us feel like we were your only clients. I can say with all confidence that you take your job seriously and take your clients on as friends." —Donna & James West, 8/10/2012

"If you are a busy person looking to be efficient with your time during a real estate search/transaction on Lake Gaston, Mike is THE MAN! Don't waste your time with other agents, go right to Mike. He was absolutely wonderful in our recent search and eventual purchase of a house on the lake. He thoroughly knows the area, lake, coves, subdivisions, market trends, quirks to watch out for, and has a lot of experience. We would travel from Raleigh to Lake Gaston (1.5 hr+) and Mike would have the listings he recommended as well as others we found [online] all lined up for us to see. On several occasions, we decided to go to the lake on an unplanned visit in the afternoon and Mike always made himself available to show us places. He soon was able to 'read' us very well and showed us houses that WE picked out [online] but would say "you're not going to like it because of X" and sure enough, my wife and I would walk out within 2 minutes of entering the house saying..."we don't like it b/c of X"! Then we'd go onto one that he recommended... The house we purchased was one he recommended. Mike helped us negotiate our contract and gave frank, honest, and fair recommendations. We've been up at the lake the past 3 weekends in a row and we LOVE it! Thanks Mike!" —Bronson Bullock, 9/7/2012

"I rarely take the time or initiative to write a recommendation for individuals as while you're vouching for one persons credibility your also putting your own on the line as well. This, however, is certainly not the case for Mike Gupton. Mike and I met when I was actively purchasing real estate on Lake Gaston back in the mid 2000's. I already had an agent that I knew and trusted but it didn't take long for me to realize that my goals were better suited with Mike in my corner. Since I first began using Mike I have referred him to dozens of satisfied customers and will undoubtedly do so countless more times as well. Mike accomplishes success the old fashioned way. He only promises what he can deliver and he delivers what he promises. I no longer consider Mike only a real estate agent but a trusted business advisor and a lifelong family friend. If you're in need of sound business advice in regards to Lake Gaston real estate, an agent to sell your property, a dedicated partner to help you find your dream vacation home, or even someone to teach your kids how to catch big bass on Lake need look no further than to Mike Gupton. I put my name on it and someday you will too." —Chris Daltorio

"I worked with Mike on my recent home purchase at Lake Gaston. As a native of the area and a Lake resident he had insider knowledge that was invaluable. He listened patiently to determine what I wanted in my new home and then tirelessly showed properties until I found the right one. Mike was persistent without being pushy. He's a saavy negotiator who worked in my best interest while treating all parties with respect and fairness. He eliminated the stress often associated with a long distance real estate transaction by sweating the smallest details. He even arranged for a locksmith to rekey the locks! If you need a realtor in the area, I highly recommend Mike Gupton." —Madeline, 7/20/2012

"Just wanted to say that we finally closed on our home! We never realized how many hurdles we would face during the process of purchasing a foreclosed property, but Mike persisted and drew on his many resources that were invaluable in getting us to closing! We're convinced that if it wasn't for Mike's extensive knowledge of this business, we might still be looking for that perfect home." —Bob & Diane Sanders

"Thanks so much for all of your help and patience. You have gone above and beyond in what you did for us and we truly appreciate it!" —Joe & Diane Cardella

"'It all started with a simple phone call' to South Shore Realty. Mike picked up the Phone and could not have made the process of finding a new home any easier. Within an hour he completely understood the different wants and needs between my wife and I. He showed us all property (just not his listings) while sharing his local and extensive knowledge. We continue to utilize Mike not just for our real-estate needs but for everything you would call a friend for." —Todd & Deanna Fain, 4/19/2012

"Kim and I wanted to both thank you for your help with our search for property at the lake. We really appreciated your personal attention to our search and enjoyed getting to know you. We plan on keeping in touch and would love to see you during the building process and hopefully once we get settled at the lake in our new home. I will recommend you to other friends without hesitation! You are the best real estate broker I've worked with over the years and I've purchased property or homes on 7 different occasions so I feel qualified to make this statement. I appreciate your honesty, personable demeanor, and attention to the details of what was best for us, the customer." —Jon Kleu, 3/25/2010

"Just wanted to express our thanks for spending so much time with us on Friday & Saturday. Please keep us posted on new listings you think we would like. Hopefully, we can find something in our price range so we can move to the Lake! Thanks for lunch on Friday, it was delicious!" —Don & Karen Fellenstein

"Mike went above and beyond to help us. When we finished the whole process of purchasing our home we left feeling like we made a friend. He worked with us and knew the house we were looking for and I can honestly say all the houses we looked at fit all the needs we were looking for. The end result was we purchased our home without any headaches or long drawn out process. It was a very smooth and painless process. I would and have recommended Mike Gupton as I know if the time ever came again to sell or buy I would contact him." —Dale & Jackie Pfendler

"Just a note of thanks for all your help in finding and closing on our Lake Gaston house. Your patience and expertise were always in abundant display, and you made the entire process easy and pleasurable. We won't hesitate to recommend you to anyone looking for a Lake Gaston property." —Susan & Elliot Galdy

"Mike is a local that has an excellent knowledge of the area. It's like I have known Mike for years in my first experience. Very likeable, responsive, and fully understands the current market. I would recommend Mike to anyone looking for a house in the area." —Charley Hoover